How you can serve at Reformation

God’s Word tells us that every believer has spiritual gifts to be used in the Church (Romans 12; 1 Corinthians 12).  The list below provides a summary of all the positions in the church in which believers have the opportunity to serve.  May God give you the wisdom to discover your spiritual gifts and the strength to use those gifts to serve in His Church for His glory.

Worship Assistance

  • Altar Committee (set up/clean up communion)
  • Chancel Choir member
  • Change streamers & banners behind altar
  • Children’s Church coordinator
  • Children’s Church helper
  • Instrumentalist (guitar, drums, sax, etc)
  • Nursery Care during worship service
  • Organist/Pianist/Keyboard
  • Praise Band singer
  • Soloist singer
  • Drama/Acting Team
  • Sound/Video Booth Operator
  • Usher
  • Greeter before worship services

Member Care & Fellowship

  • Care Committee for Called Workers
  • Assist in making member care phone calls
  • Care/Mercy Ministry (visiting shut-ins, hospital)
  • Deaconess (women ministering to other women)
  • Organize home meals for members
  • Organize/plan church social events
  • Help with Sunday Coffee Hour
  • Photographer and photo editor
  • Provide babysitting for church events
  • Provide transportation to church
  • Help new members assimilate into church
  • Help get other members active in the church
  • Contributing money & material resources for special events or projects

Children & Teen Ministry

  • Kids4Christ teacher or helper (part time)
  • Kids4Christ administrator
  • Teen Group leader or helper
  • Teen Bible Class leader or helper
  • Playgroup Leader (ages 0-3)

Day School Assistance

  • Promotion Committee for School
  • After school clubs coordinator
  • Hot lunch coordinator
  • Playground Recess Monitor
  • Shepherd’s Care worker
  • Sports & athletics coach/referee
  • Help at sports events/tournaments
  • Summer camp worker
  • Tutor special needs children
  • Teacher’s Aid/Classroom Aid…
  • Correcting assignments
  • Gathering/preparing project supplies
  • Making copies of worksheets/files
  • Making bulletin boards


  • Help at Easter/Christmas in Clairemont & VBS
  • Write follow up postcards for Pastor
  • Help make follow up visits on church visitors
  • Promotions/Marketing/Advertising for church
  • Deliver neighborhood flyers for special events
  • Help organize New Members’ Event
  • Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society
  • Mail letters to new movers in our community
  • Organize prospect mailings

Bible Study & Life Groups

  • Life Group facilitator (Home Study groups)
  • Adult Bible Class leader


  • Church sign - Change message
  • Create messages with graphics for website
  • Create outreach flyers & post cards

Information Technology

  • Computers, network, system administration
  • Website/webpage design

Financial Management

  • Auditor
  • Counter of offerings & payments
  • Financial data management
  • Trust Fund Committee

Maintenance & Repair

  • Church Cleaner
  • Church renovations/repairs
  • Clean up of church campus outside
  • Coordinate Saturday Work Teams (monthly)
  • Help with minor tasks at church

Officers & Board Members

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Elder
  • Parish Education
  • Evangelism
  • Stewardship
  • School Board
  • Property Trustee

Reformation is experiencing an exciting time of growth right now.  With the excitement of seeing new faces comes the need for additional volunteers in all ministry areas.  Thank you for joining the awesome volunteer teams we have at Reformation

Contact the church office at to express your desire to volunteer or to learn more!

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