Foundations 101

New Foundations 101 course is starting soon! People often say the Bible is hard to understand. However, if we understand the four key concepts of the Bible, things become much clearer since we realize every page of the Bible deals with one of these key concepts. Those key concepts are sin, grace, faith, and works. Foundations 101 covers these and other topics to help you gain an understanding of the central message of God's Word: Jesus Christ has saved us from sin and given us new life.  Foundations is for people interested in becoming members of Reformation, or for people just looking to build their faith through the study of the foundational teachings of the Bible. Classes meet in the church library on Sundays at 9:30am and Tuesdays at 7pm starting September 15 & September 17, 2019. Call (858-279-3311) or email ( ) to sign-up today!

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